What's Trending: Famous sibling brothers in sports, music and Hollywood

It's the 49ers versus the Ravens this weekend. But for some of us, the more compelling competition is the sibling rivalry --  Harbough versus Harbaugh. We can't wait to see what happens when the brother coaches face-off.

From the Bridges to the Baldwins, we love famous siblings. Brotherly love is what's trending.

As you've no doubt heard by now, brothers John and Jim Harbough will be facing off in this Sunday's Super Bowl. And everyone is pretty psyched to see the bros in the pros.

They aren't the only brothers people are watching. HBO's Real Sports is hosted by Bryant Gumbel who is the brother of Greg Gumble, making them another famous sibling. Then there’s Eli Manning, the brother of Peyton Manning, also an NFL quarterback. One last sports brother reference is Jeff and Stan Van Gundy. Both are pro basketball coaches.

Famous siblings don’t just exist in the sports world.  Actor Jeff Bridges has got a bro named Beau. And then there are the Baldwins: Daniel, Stephen, Billy and the alpha-Baldwin, Alec.

Let's not forget the sibs in your iPod. There’s the Gallaghers from Oasis, the Allmans, the Jacksons, the Osmonds, and of course, the musician-actor double-threats, the Wahlbergs --Donny and Mark.

Maybe we have a soft spot for brothers because we think about how they used to be little guys who still want to play together as big guys --like the boxing Klitchko brothers or the Winklevoss twins from Social Network.

So, Sunday we'll all be watching to see who wins the most important title in all of sports: mom and dad's favorite.


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