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Last week, the world's richest man, Carlos Slim, pledged to invest more than 4 billion pesos over the next three years to support education in Mexico.  Part of that pledge involves a partnership with the Khan Academy.

The Khan Academy is a nonprofit organization that posts an extensive video library of lessons on the www.khanacademy.org website. The videos are basic, with hand drawn explanations of topics like hemoglobin. All of the videos on the site are completely free for people to watch with topics ranging from the Korean War to an explanation of the debt ceiling.

Founder Salman Khan has been described by Forbes as the internet's first celebrity teacher. Other traditional teachers use his videos in their classrooms. However, much of the appeal of the website is for lifelong learners looking to understand new concepts.

Bill Gates is a fan, and now, it's clear an even richer guy, Carlos Slim, is as well.  New lessons are added to the Khan Academy all of the time. You can check them out at www.khanacademy.org.



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