Best Buy's new twist to get online customers back in their store

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If you're in the market for any new electronics, you know it's a competitive world out there. Conor Knighton tells us about a big box store that's come up with a new twist to get you offline and in the door.

On Sunday, Best Buy aired their Super Bowl ad featuring Amy Pohler. The campaign encouraged users to tweet with the hashtag infinite answers (#InfiniteAnswers).  The message was clear - Best Buy has knowledgeable, helpful employees. This is something that online rival Amazon can't offer.

For the past few years, Best Buy has been struggling. The stock has been a pretty terrible buy.  Two years ago, it was trading around $35 a share.  This time last year it was $25.  Now it’s $16.

The company is facing a few problems. Their biggest one is "show rooming." Show rooming is when you walk into a store, play with products in person, get your questions answered, then go home and buy them online. 

Best Buy also doesn't sell that much exclusive merchandise.  If you want Ikea furniture, you've got to go Ikea, but most of what's sold at Best Buy can be purchased at online or at stores like Walmart and Target.

Best Buy has netted a few exclusives. It's going to be the exclusive retailer for the Leap Motion 3D Dongle, but, so far they have nothing so exciting that customers would be flocking to stores.

The chain is running a $50 gift card promotion right now for buying a new phone, which could help boost sales. 

Do you still shop at Best Buy? 

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