An app that helps you remember people's names

"What's the Deal?" With Conor Knighton


Not remembering names, especially in a business setting, can be embarrassing.  The recently updated app “Evernote Hello” claims to help you.  The app allows you to scan the business card of people you meet, importing all of the contact data.  If you want, it searches Linked-In and Facebook for more info on the person.

The app also lets you take pictures of people you meet.  It’s a cool feature, but pretty awkward in real life. 

The coolest feature, and the one you're least likely to use, is Hello Connect. Using a series of unique tones, the app is able to synchronize the contact info of everyone in a circle. Of course, everyone has to actually have the app to make this work, and not mind looking like gigantic nerds in public.

As a business card scanner, Evernote Hello is great, and it syncs with the already popular Evernote app for all of your important information.  But the other bells and whistles and chirps are just that.

The app is free so worth trying out, especially if you frequently find yourself struggling to keep track of your professional contacts.


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