The Viralist: Charlie Brown dance moves, driving dog and amazing skateboarders

The hottest viral videos of the day start by striking gold!

Have you ever seen $315 billion in gold? Well, here it is! But Einstein is not impressed. Each one of these shelves holds a ton of gold, at the Bank of England.

These skateboarders are shredding the grid, but in very unconventional ways. From breaking the board, to swinging to another, nothing trips up these guys. Not even losing their wheels.

Your favorite cartoon characters are here to help you learn how to dance. You can learn all your favorite moves of the Peanuts gang like The Zombie MC Hammer, The Concussion and the Wafting Odor dance.

Lastly, doggy on board. Here's rescue dog Porter, driving a mini.

Barking and parking, it’s the Viralist. 

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