The Viralist: Cat models, driving bird and a cold day in Russia

It’s time for the Viralist and first up, when you're working with models, you can expect some catiness. It’s time to find out just how catty cat models are.

Next up, let's go for a little drive. A parrot has learned to shift the gears and drive his very own bird buggy. An University of Florida electrical and computer engineering graduate student created the moving device, including some newspapers under the bird, just in case of an "accident."

Meanwhile in Russia, it is one cold winter this year, so make sure to be extra careful driving or you'll end up like this guy.

Now, it’s time to get a drink. Except this time, Polly wants to help.

Lastly, a quick lesson in the weird ways of nature because who knew catfish are now attacking pigeons? This study from a French university shows fresh-water catfish biting at pigeons looking for refreshment in the Tarn River.


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