The Viralist: Acting bloopers, frightened cat and cutest baby panda in San Diego

Uploading the best viral videos of the day, we start with acting – or actually someone who is trying to act, but having a really hard time.

It seems this guy is having a little trouble with a line in a commercial for Die-sart's Truck Stop and Restaurant. And frankly, his wife is getting pretty annoyed. So, they switch roles.. to have karma come full circle.

The sound of Mario jumping brings back nostalgic memories, but for this kitty it's bringing pure fright. On a side note – check out the matching ornate blankets and carpet. Very classy!

The San Diego Zoo's most adorable Panda is getting his weekly check-up. To keep him occupied and squirming less, they gave him a big ball, but it seems to be making their jobs a little harder.



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