Top of the List: Taking a Facebook break, and no mail on Saturdays

Here are the stories people were talking about on Wednesday, February 06, 2013.

1.    FACEBREAK More and more people are stepping back from Facebook for weeks at a time.  They say there’s too much drama, boredom and irrelevant information.  They also say they’re too busy with their own lives. 

The information comes in a new poll from the Pew Research Center.  Noted therapist Heidi Banks says taking a hiatus is becoming popular.

"We’re dealing with a whole new psychology where you put something up on a page and people start reacting to it. A lot of the lists of friends we have aren’t really our friends, so when the comments start flying; if it’s something you don’t like, people are just walking away," Banks said.

Two thirds of adults in America are on Facebook.

2.       FLU LIST:  Maybe the only way to ease the pain of the flu, is to get paid for it.  Ninety cities across the country are looking for people to participate in a clinical trial testing a new inhaled medication.  Some are making as much as $2,000 in the trials.

3.    SEX, LIES AND WITCHCRAFT:  Jodi Arias is accused of shooting and stabbing her on again, off again boyfriend Travis Alexander back in 2008.  Her trial is getting national attention.  Arias claims self defense. She says the relationship was abusive. 

During testimony, the 32-year-old claimed a history of abuse that allegedly started at the hands of her parents, and continued with boyfriends.  Arias also told jurors she explored many religions including Buddhism, Hinduism and Wicca before converting to Mormonism. 

Prosecutors have portrayed Arias as a jealous ex-girlfriend who snapped.  She could be sentenced to death if convicted.

4.    THEY WILL PAY AND PAY:  America’s toughest sheriff, Joe Arpaio found himself on the other side of the law when thieves stole his credit card information.  The Arizona-based enforcer was shocked to learn he’d racked up a $291 charge at a Chicago grocery store, especially since he hasn’t been in the Windy City since 1957.  Arpaio urged everyone to check their credit card statements for extra charges, and to be careful what you’re throwing into the trash. 

Sheriff Arpaio also announced a training event simulating a school shooting that will take place this Saturday.  Among the leaders of the training, actor Steven Seagal who is a member of the Sheriff’s volunteer posse.

5.       MAIL TROUBLE:  The Postal Service is stamping out Saturday mail delivery to homes and businesses starting in August.  Post office boxes and package delivery will not be affected, and post offices will remain open.  The USPS says the decision will save $2 billion a year.  The head of the letter carriers union says it’s a "disastrous idea."


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