Top of the List: Royal baby watch, teddy bear toss and a good find at Goodwill

It’s December 4, and these were the top headlines people were talking about:

1) GREAT EXPECTATIONS: It’s royal bambino mania as people speculate over Kate Middleton's precious package. It's enough to make a royal watcher's head explode.  And if twins materialize, there will be new problems for Kate far beyond morning sickness.

2) GOOD EYE LEADS TO GOOD BUY: Karen Mallet was browsing her local Goodwill when she spotted something eye-popping.  She looked down and saw the signature said “Calder.” Turns out it was a signed lithograph from Alexander Calder. The legendary artist and mobile-maker made Rednose in 1969. Her lucky find was appraised at a whopping $9,000.

3) CAUGHT GREEN-HANDED: A thief, who stole holiday decorations from a family, was caught on surveillance video. The video showed the Christmas crook taking a blow-up sled, snowman, Santa, and train set from a front yard.  

4) NEW GRECIAN FORMULA: We've all heard about Greece's money problems. They're so pervasive that a small-town soccer team there was left without funding until a woman stepped in. Madam Sula's generosity was provided by her business. She owns two local brothels!  The happy soccer players call arrangement "innovative."   

5) THE SOFTER SIDE OF HOCKEY:  At the Calgary Hitmen's 2012 teddy bear toss, more than 25,000 teddy bears hit the ice in a Paddington-style pile-up! The cuddly furballs will go to children in need. Since 1999 more than 213,000 stuffed animals of all kinds have been donated. 

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