Top of the List: Letters to parents of 'obese' kids and a teens determination pays off

Here are the stories everyone is buzzing about on February 27, 2013.

1.  OVER THE LINE?  Parents in Andover, Massachusetts are outraged over letters sent to them about their children.  The letters came from the state’s Department of Health, and warned parents about their children’s body mass index if it was in the overweight or obese category. 

Tracy Watson’s ten year old son Cameron received one of the letters. He’s a competitive wrestler.  Watson says the letters don’t take muscle mass into account.  Cameron laughed at his letter, but his mother, Tracy says other children didn’t take the news as well.

"Some of them are almost horror stories where one child in the family receives a letter and the brothers and sisters made fun; and one story I heard of a child who stopped eating for literally two weeks," said Watson.

The state says the letters are meant to be a helpful tool for parents, and also sends them to students who are underweight.

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2.  HANGING UP HIS PAPAL HAT: Pope Benedict XVI gave his public goodbye in front of thousands in St. Peter’s Square today.  The Pontiff told the crowd, "To love the church, means to also have the courage to take difficult, painful decisions."  The crowd cheered as he took a victory lap.  Pope Benedict officially steps down Thursday. 

3.  LAZY NO-GOOD TEEN?  THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM:  An Indianapolis teen got a surprise on his way to a job interview.  Jhaquiel Regan was walking ten miles in the snow to get to a thrift store for a minimum wage job, but needed directions.  He stopped into Papa Roux Cajun Cooking for help and ended up with a job.  When the owner, Art Bouvier, realized Reagan was walking in the snow and ice, he bought him lunch and drove him to the interview.  Later, Bouvier decided he needed Reagan working for him, so he offered him a job. 

"I’m thinking to myself here’s a kid walking 10 miles in the snow and ice for the chance at a minimum wage job that’s like a story my parents used to tell me," said Bouvier.

Reagan walked into cheers at the restaurant and said, "I really don’t know what to say about it, it’s overwhelming.  I didn’t expect all this or anything; I was just going to a job interview."  

Reagan’s mother died two years ago, leaving him as the sole provider for his siblings.  Supporters have also come together to donate a bus pass so he can get to his new job without walking.

4.  TEEN BEAUTY PAGEANT SCANDAL:  Miss Delaware Teen USA has removed her sash after a porn video surfaced with a woman who looks and sounds like her.  Melissa King denies she is the one in the video.  She tweeted "Once you move on in life, people shouldn’t try to use your past against you.  Let them be happy."  A pageant spokesperson won’t confirm or deny whether it is in fact King in the video, only that she stepped down.

5.  TITANIC TWO?:  An Australian billionaire unveiled blueprints for what he says will be a modern replica of the Titanic, he’s even calling it Titanic 2.  Clive Palmer, who is known for his eccentricity, hopes to begin construction soon and hopes to have the ship sailing in late 2016.  He says 40,000 have expressed interest in the maiden voyage.

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