The Futurist: Solar paint, SLXtreme phone case,and Husqvarna mower

Solar paint, SLXtreme phone case, Husqvarna mower

Solar power is the way of the future.  It's being used to provide 100 percent of the energy for Taiwan's dragon shaped arena. And a plan is in place to fly the solar impulse coast to coast.

But solar can help us on a smaller scale. Let's take a look in the futurist.

SOLAR PAINT: Check out this out. It's solar paint! And developers at The University of Notre-Dame are calling it "sun-believable."
It's made from titanium dioxide, an ingredient commonly found in sunscreen.  So far, efficiency is only at 1 percent  compared to the 10 to15 percent of silicon solar cells, but researchers say in a few years, we'll be painting solar panels on our roofs.  
You've heard of weather beater paint -- this is weather-utilizer!

SLXTREME: If you're looking to get out of the house but you can't stand the thought of your iPhone running out of juice, we've got you covered.  It's the SLXtreme and it's the ultimate meeting of technology and nature.  Waterproofed, solar-powered, and tough enough to meet military standards, it'll keep you in touch with home base while you explore the great outdoors. 

HUSGVARNA: Finally we have the Husqvarna hybrid lawnmower. Basically it is a Roomba vacuum for your lawn.  It's battery powered and equipped with solar panels to extend its power on sunny days.  It'll text you if it runs into a problem and when it's low on battery, it'll return to the charger on its own.  
At $3,000 it's not cheap, but it protects your investment with an anti-theft alarm and  pin-code.  

The sun is shining on a better tomorrow, on The Futurist

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