The Futurist: Robot window cleaners, massagers and dancers

Looking for a helping hand to get through the day? Check out these little robotic helpers on The Futurist.

WHEEME: The Wheeme by Dreambots is a palm size robot massager designed to ease your modern-world stress with post-modern technology. This pint-size muscle-breaker has unique sensor technology that automatically steers itself over your body.  

WINBOT: The Winbot 7 is a robo-maid that cleans your windows, glass doors, and mirrors. Just power it up, place it on the window, and press start.  It's that easy. It has safety features like a pressure sensor, so if it begins to loose suction it will back up. Plus, it has an anchor for added protection.

mRobo: The mRobo by Tosy is a portable speaker that packs some powerful bass and transforms into a humanoid robot. You can even upload choreography to the Tosy website and share your little ro-bros moves with the world.

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