The Futurist: Multifunction devices to make multi-tasking easier

The days of single-function devices like the Polaroid camera belong to yesterday. Nowadays, it’s all about multi-function – especially with these inventions.

The Wallet by Clocop Design is a phone, camera and tablet all in one. Incredibly, this techno-triathlon champ is the size of a standard wallet, but features three folding screens. It's unique construction allows unparalleled simul-tasking -- and can be combined to enjoy movies or slideshows. It even features a 12 mega pixel camera that records at 1080p.

Then there's the technovolution of writing.  It's called the smart pen by Lightscribe. If you're at a class or seminar, it's like a personal assistant with a digital steel trap memory. The tip of this little scribbler has an infrared camera recording your words, and a built-in mic to record everything leaving the lecturer's mouth. 

An integrated computer associates the words it hears with the ones you write. All you have to do is tap the words you wrote on your note book and the Lightscribe plays audio recording during your lecture, meeting, or class.

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