The Futurist: Go-Go Dog Pal , Puppy Tweets and Go Dog Go G3

Doggie techology in the future

Posted: 02/27/2013

Living large week is going to the dogs. And why not? Man's best friend deserves the best. Here's a look at top new pet tech on The Futurist. 

Go-Go Dog Pal: No more dog day afternoons with this robo rover.  Feeling too worn out to give Lucky the cardio he craves?  Hunker down in the chaise like a dawg and let Lucky chase the Roomba-Rabbit to his beating heart's content.    
It's pretty darn fast too.

Puppy Tweets: Want to keep tabs on Toby when you're on the go? Put your critter on Twitter with Puppy Tweets.  A sensor on Coco's collar  figures out what she's doing and sends a tweet to a USB receiver attached to your computer. Examples include: "You at lunch? Remember the two most beautiful words in the English language: Doggie bag!" 
Let's just hope you never get this tweet: "Happy birthday. I left you a gift on the living room carpet"

The Go Dog Go:  Every dog loves to play fetch. But let's face it too long and you'll be icing your shoulder for days. But thanks to the "Go Dog Go" fetch machine, your arm won't be doing the work. Fido's legs will.
It's a remote controlled automatic ball launcher designed specifically for dogs. The Go Dog Go remote fetch machine operates on both ac adapter and battery power -- and launches a ball 45 plus feet at 7 or 15 seconds intervals. So Fido gets his chase on, and you don't need to get rotator cuff surgery.   


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