The Futurist: Crack-free cell phones, nano tubes and super insulation

Building tomorrow’s future never looked so promising, especially with these cutting edge materials of the 21st century.

CRACK-FREE CELL PHONES: Tired of pussyfooting around that fragile cell phone screen?  The new Gorilla Glass 2 by Corning is tough. It can survive a ball drop using a steel test ball four times heavier than normal tests and even though it's 20 percent thinner than the competition, it is the king in the ring test.

NANO TUBES: Next is a fibrous future material with so many applications you'll feel strung out after hearing them.  They're called Carbon Nano Tubes. They are 100 times thinner than a human hair, and able to lift 100,000 times their weight.

SUPER INSULATION:  Aerogel's most amazing asset is its properties of hyper-insulation.  Demonstrated in the video, you can see how a Hershey Kiss can survive being blasted by a blow torch.


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