The Futurist: Country club of bomb shelters, armored car and portable charger

According to the Mayan calendar, December 20 is Doomsday Eve, and you may think it’s too late to build an apocalypse-proof shelter, but you're in luck thanks to Vivos. Vivos is a fully-outfitted underground shelter that'll sneeze at Armageddon.  It costs $35,000 per person, but you’ll ride out the Mayan prophecy with the amenities of a luxury yacht.

The spacious living quarters, and dental and medical centers make it a marvelous way to meet the end of days. But beware...getting into a country club might be easier than getting in here. Each candidate is vetted up and down. There are twenty nationwide locations that can house thousands of people for years.

After the worst is over, you can drive down the dystopian highway in this solid Doomsday ride. It's the Knight XV by Conquest Vehicles. This armored luxury car features undercarriage explosive protection, an armored floor, magnetic attachment detector, surveillance camera, gas attack  defense and of course a survival kit. It will cost you $629,000.

And finally, when you're shivering in a nuclear winter, you can light a fire with Biolite. This is a portable power device that generates electricity from burning wood. Just let the fire burn, hit the button and it starts charging.



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