The Drop: New books by Jeff Bridges and Suzie Plakson

A celebrity mom and the coolest dude on the planet both have new books out this week.

DUDE AND THE ZEN MASTER: On "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," Jeff Bridges, you know the dude from the "Big Lebowski," dropped by to shoot the breeze about his new book “The Dude and the Zen Master.”

He was also on “The View” sharing what the book is about with the women on the show. You can learn more on

THE RETURN OF KING LILLIAN: A celebrity mom has a new book out.  Actress, singer, and writer Suzie Plakson plays Jason Segel's mom on "How I Met Your Mother."

She told "The List" what kind of person would like her new book “The Return of King Lillian.”

"People who love purple, animals, art, fairies, forests, elves, libraries...quite a few people," said Plakson. "People who color outside the lines."

It's available at



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