The Drop: Losing weight, losing your makeup and losing a grilled cheese-off


What’s new in books this week?  Well, you have to ditch your lip gloss for happiness, think like a golfer to drop pounds and be as deliciously cheesy as Rachel Ray.

THE BEAUTY EXPERIMENT: Katie Couric did something very un-TV-host-like to introduce one author. Katie went makeup-free as she introduced Phoebe Baker Hyde and her book, “The Beauty Experiment,.”  The book is about ditching all beauty products for a full year.  In addition, the author cut out rouging and camouflaging. And she stopped getting salon haircuts, purged all scales, mirrors and even razors.

In other words, she spent a year experiencing the bleak misery of being a guy.  

MY YEAR IN MEALS: Things also got hairy on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon when Rachel Ray showed up with her new cookbook, "My Year in Meals" and challenged the boyish funnyman to a grilled cheese-off.

SHRED, THE REVOLUTIONARY DIET:  On The Talk, Dr. Ian Smith, who is the author of the New York Times number one bestseller, "Shred, the Revolutionary Diet" shares why dieting is like golfing.

"Before they hit their shot, they think about ball landing on the green. [In dieting] you think about that next size. It's all about mentally preparing yourself for success," said Smith.

Losing weight, losing your makeup and losing a grilled cheese-off – that’s what’s dropping in books this week.










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