The Drop: Latest songs from Rihanna, Kesha, Faith Hill and Green Day

From pop, to country, to rock, here are the newest and hottest songs on "The Drop."

Rihanna starts us off with her glittering-hot new single "Diamonds." It’s anyone's guess if it's about her on-again off-again gem of a relationship with Chris Brown.

Pop icon Kesha, is only 25 and her new hit is  "Die Young."

The next song lets us slow it down. It’s the latest from country star "Faith Hill", who of course is Tim McGraw's beautiful wife.  Her latest song is called "American Heart."

The rock band "Staind" launched in 1995, but their lead singer, Aaron Lewis, had put the steel pedal to the metal, country style.  See what you think of his new song "Forever."

Punk rockers "Green Day" started back in 1987 and they're still jamming. Their new single is "Stray Heart."



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