The Drop: Kirstie Alley writes about men, a dog named Jasper and a month of madness

Reading…it's something great you can do during TV commercials. Here are your latest book options on "The Drop."

1) Kirstie Alley's "The Art of Men," talks about how platonic affairs with Patrick Swayze and John Travolta affected her.  Why was there no fireworks?  According to Kirstie, it's simple.

“For me, if I have sex with someone I have to marry them. I don't know,” she joked.

2) Does Meredith Viera's husband Richard M. Cohen really want to kill the dog? He was on NBC's "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" talking about Jasper who is the main character in his book "I Want to Kill the Dog."

“I would never hurt an animal, but if a B-52 landed on his head, that would be fine,” said Cohen.

3) Susanah Cahalan learned she really was going mad. She recounted the experience in her book called  "Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness."

“I had these abnormal movements. I kept my arms out like Frankenstein. I garbled my speech. I made grunting noises,” said Cahalan.

Sounds like a strange way to live, but thankfully Cahalan learned she wasn't possessed. The former New York Post reporter was in the hospital a month before doctors diagnosed her with a rare form of encephalitis. The memoir is what she calls an "out of body experience."



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