The Drop: Comedian Kevin Pollak's new book and the presidential campaign in verse

A couple new books came out this week just in time for holiday reading.

KEVIN POLLAK: Comedian Kevin Pollak’s book "How I Slept My Way to the Middle" is now out.  He revealed why his life is so great on "The Ellen Degeneres Show."

“I have work that gets me work as opposed to auditioning so I've got that. Then the face gets me a table at a restaurant and the paparazzi doesn't care,” Pollak said.

CALVIN TRILLIN: "Dogfight: The 2012 Presidential Campaign in Verse" is by author Calvin Trillin. Trillin told Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show" his favorite politician to poke fun at was Rick Perry.

SEAN CARROLL: "The Particle at the End of the Universe: How the Hunt for the Higgs Boson Leads us to the Edge of a New World" by Sean Carroll is now on shelves as well.

That's what's dropping this week in books.



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