The Drop: Clixtr, Perfect for and a flu app

Music, city life and the flu…what do they all have in common? They're all dropping in new apps.

PERFECT FOR: Music fans, start dancing for joy.  It's "Perfect For" by iHeartRadio, which lets users create a station to match any mood or activity such as what's perfect for "driving," "cleaning the house" or "studying." The app incorporates info on your favorite music and interacts with 1,500 live radio channels. An extra bonus is the app has an alarm that allows you to wake up to your favorite music and set the mood for your day. 

CLIXTR: The "Clixtr" app is a GPS and camera on steroids. It integrates your phone's camera with GPS to create a sort of location-based Flickr. Once you upload your photos, they're placed into Clixtr's database, and arranged by location. Then they're integrated with other pictures taken close-by. This way if you're looking for live photos of a football game you can search for them on Clixtr and get real-time pictures taken by different users at the stadium.

HELP I HAVE THE FLU: When you're laid up with the flu, you want two things: to feel better and to know who to be mad at for infecting you. Now there's a Facebook app called "Help I have the Flu" that scans through friends' profiles looking for keywords such as "flu," "sneezing," and "coughing" and looks at places those people have been, so you can track down your virus villain and start pointing fingers.

The news that'll make you "app"opleptic with joy is that all these apps are free.

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