The Drop Books: 4 Hour Chef, Guts, Dangerous Animals Club

World class skills in a jiffy. busting a gut and an actor explores life's great mysteries are what's dropping in books.

First up author Timothy Ferriss tells Jimmy Fallon about his new book the "4 Hour Chef," which oddly is not a cook book... and not really about cooking.
"It's a bit of a slight of hand, so it's actually a book about how to become world class in any skill in six months or less.  I spent a year and a half going around the world finding the fastest learners for languages, for sports, for chess, for anything, gathering al their tips and tricks. Then I wanted to learn to cook so I'm explaining a lot of the principals through cooking," said Ferriss.
Next, on the Wendy Williams show actress Kristen Johnson opens up about her new memoir "Guts."
"It's a memoir and I actually wrote it myself which is already like whooaa who does that? But it's about what happened too me," said Johnson. "My guts, burst which is why its called 'Guts,' in London, due to prolific Vicadin over usage."
Wendy asked Johnson how long she's been clean and sober.  It's been 6 years.
Finally actor Steven Tobolowsky, you know, that annoying insurance sales man from "Groundhog Day told "The List" why you need to buy his memoir called "The Dangerous Animals Club."  
"The number one reason too buy 'Dangerous Animals Club' is so people can think you're crazy laughing on the bus or subway, and have Coca Cola or Pepsi Cola fly out of your nose while you're laughing," said Tobolowsky.
And that's what's dropping in books.

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