The Drop: Adam Sandler is Dracula, Batman returns, and scary things in the TV

Adam Sandler sinks his teeth into Dracula, Batman flies back into the picture, and scary things in your TV are all dropping Tuesday on DVD.

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA: Adam Sandler is the voice of Dracula in this heartwarming monster tale, “Hotel Transylvania.” In this movie, Dracula is an overprotective single dad raising his daughter after his wife dies. But his ghoulish plan to protect the little fangstress from humans falls short when a boy discovers the monstrous resort and starts crushing on Drac's daughter.

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4: “Paranormal Activity 4 is also out on DVD. Here’s an interesting fact…did you know Oren Peli, the guy behind all the Paranormal movies, is actually so afraid of ghosts that he wouldn't see Ghostbusters?

The activity picks up five years after main characters Katie and Hunter have vanished. Creepiness ensues when a new neighbor moves in with a mysterious little boy.   

DARK KNIGHT RETURNS:  In this movie Batman returns to Gotham with a new Robin, and he’s ready to battle his old nemesis, The Joker.

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