Reality Check: Checking redneck radness on 'My Big Redneck Vacation' and 'Buck Wild'

Reality shows documenting the lives of rednecks are here to stay, so we're embracing it, one hillbilly at a time. 

This week, on CMT's "My Big Redneck Vacation," the Clampet family, America's favorite rowdy redneck crew, traveled to Miami Beach. There the family took their southern...ehh, the beaches and clubs of the sunshine state. 
"Aww the ole bathing suit out of the dress trick. Looks like this show's getting a boob reduction, too," said Tom Arnold.
At least their necks are safe from sunburn as they already have a red neck.
Tom Arnold's been taking a dip in Lake Redneck for some time. Here's what he told The List. 
"The idea is that these folks probably didn't realize how big this country is. As we all know, they get to experience a lot of it, and then people get to experience them," said Tom.
Then on MTV's new show "Buck Wild, you know the show that features the lives of nine young and crazy West Virginians, the group builds a fake bull to practice on before an upcoming rodeo. 
"The only reason she stayed on longer than any of us is because she got her leg stuck."
Finally, they are actually going buck wild. Just don't break those red necks. 

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