Reality Check: Who loves the reality TV shows 'Real Housewives'?

The women on “Real Housewives” are elegant homegrown treasures from America's greatest cities. Right now there are three different “Housewives” shows: Atlanta, Beverly Hills and Miami.

Each of these offer a weekly dose of the reality we crave including "real" problems, "real" drama, "real" intelligence and "real" maturity.

But what are these "Real Housewives" really offering to real people?  What are we learning from them and their pesky first world problems?

We don't know exactly but it must be something because like we mentioned, there are three "Real Housewife" franchises currently airing. And then there are the reunion specials, books, blogs and brands.

Someone is loving these housewives, although most folks are slow to admit it.  



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