Reality Check: Two Animal Planet shows feature pit bull do overs

From good reputations to bad, pit bulls are considered by many to be dangerous dogs and not appropriate pets. But a couple of Animal Planet shows are trying to change that. 

Shorty Rossi, from Animal Planet's “Pit Boss," runs a pit bull rescue organization named Shorty's Rescue. They save pit bulls from the streets of Los Angeles, but it’s no easy task -- especially when the dogs are often larger than the people rescuing them.

"We're here to knock all those myths out, and show them [the viewers] that they are a loving breed," said Shorty when talking to The List. "I live with 8 dogs. Look at me. I'm here talking to you now."

Then there's “Pit bulls and Parolees.” This is a show featuring the Villalobos Rescue Center, the largest pit bull animal shelter in the United States.

Pit bull lover Tia Torres firmly believes in second chances. The show follows Tia, her dogs and the parolees she hires to care for and train the canines. 

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