Reality Check: 'The Bachelor' is back

“The Bachelor” is back and in case you missed it, here’s your catchup up of a tears, booze, roses, premature wedding talk and 50 shades of “no you didn't.”

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Something old, something new, something borrowed and something ... crazy.  “The Bachelor” has quite a crop of attention-seekers this season, like Lindsay who met the new bachelor, Sean Lowe, dressed like a bride.

And really, who does this? And by “this” we mean delight the bachelor using the majesty of song. We’re talking about cruise ship entertainer, Kelly. who sang to Sean. You think Kelly's angling for a record deal? C'mon Sean, she’s  just looking for love.

And so is Ashley. She looks like the girl next door -- if you had a spearmint rhino next door. She gets drunk, she gets into bondage, she gets booty shaking and... she gets eliminated.

Looking forward to what happens next week.


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