Reality Check: Reality starts running - literally

On reality TV, things move at a frantic pace. The drama is fast, the jokes are fast, and the fights are fast.  It’s seems that our favorite reality stars are always in a race – and sometimes they aren’t just running up a bill or out of time.  They are literally running.

For example, in the last top chef, with nothing to cook the chefs had to scramble around to find ingredients and items to cook with. At least in this case they were running with skillets and not scissors.

But they aren’t the only ones running. Gold diggers going for the gold in the Real Housewives of Atlanta, aren’t taking things slow either – especially when a drama momma flips out and then runs out.

And finally there’s The Amazing Race where Josh and Brent, the goat farmers, went for a heart-pounding run to finish first in the race.



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