Reality Check: Going wild on Buck Wild, Best Funeral Ever and Amish Mafia

Wild is this week’s word on reality TV – and on our Reality Check.

MTV's look at redneck reality is called "Buck Wild."  Haven’t seen it?  Well, imagine "Jersey Shore" with Snooki snacking on squirrels.  This week they go "muddin" which is good clean fun except it's neither good nor clean.

Then on Discovery’s "Amish Mafia," things get wild after John loses a buggy race.

TLC  brought you little people, big tumors, Honey Boo Boo, people who didn't know they were pregnant, and people who couldn't stop getting pregnant. Now, finally they have released the jewel in their crown of kitsch with their new show “Best Funeral Ever!”

In this episode, it’s the home-going of Willie Wolf McCoy.  How does Golden Gate Funerals send him off? With a pack of hogs, of course.

Oh yeah, we’re going hog wild on your reality check.


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