Reality Check: Catching you up on Amazing Race, Shark Tank and the season final of Breaking Amish

This week on CBS's “Amazing Race,” the teams were in Moscow where James and Abba pulled a rookie tourist move that could get them de-raced. They left their gear and passports in a cab. The episode was one big tease as we’ll have to wait until next week to find out James and Abba's fate.

On ABC's “Shark Tank,” where entrepreneurs pitch their products to a panel of multi-millionaire investors, a young inventor rolled in pitching something that looked like it belonged in a Transformer movie.

Finally, it was the culmination of a season of bad acting, where awkward young men and women pushed their corn-fed livers to the limit, and then added more bad acting. We’re talking about the season finale of “Breaking Amish.”

Abe and Rebecca's bachlor/bachlorette party in Atlantic City got volatile, so Sabrina called her boyfriend Harry for backup. In the end, Abe and Rebecca tie the knot and the show ends with a classic montage of all the Amishness we've witnessed. 

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