The Drop: Spider-Man, Arthur Christmas and Your Sister's Sister on DVD


Here is what’s new on DVD and Blu-Ray this week:

SPIDER MAN: On Friday, you’ll be able to rush out and get “The Amazing Spider-Man.”  The super-powered reboot stars Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, and the latest comic book baddie, "The Lizard."

Can Spidey squash this evil gecko? Our senses say “yes” and we bet it will be a fun ride.

ARTHUR CHRISTMAS: On Tuesday, you can kickstart the holiday season with the animated movie "Arthur Christmas." It’s about Santa's son who really loves Christmas, but there's a 4-g kind of twist where the ho-ho-ho’s go high-tech. Unfortunately all the gadgetry turns out more like "glitchmas" than Christmas, so Arthur has to rally to deliver the goods while maintaining the magic of Santa.

YOUR SISTER’S SISTER:  Also out Tuesday is "Your Sister's Sister." Emily Blunt is a girl who loves a guy who just slept with her sister. The problem is, he likes her, too. Yeah, awkward!

That's what is dropping this week. Happy movie watching!

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