Web Extra: Sextrology tips for romance by astrological sign

Lori C. Ebert, PhD in Health Education helps you plan your Valentine's Day date using sextrology, the blending of astrology and intimacy.  Below are a few of her astrological suggestions.

Check out the video to hear suggestions for all 12 astrological signs.

Taurus: The way to the heart of a sensual Taurus is through their stomach. Ebert said, "I defy you to find me a Taurus who doesn’t love food. They’ll actually pick food over romance and if you can bring that food into the bedroom they would probably like that even more."

Gemini: Feed the mind of the intellectual Gemini. Ebert suggests, "a new book, a new theater, a museum, anything that intrigues them that they don’t know that’s new and exciting or adventurous." Driving to a nearby city for dinner, or visiting a bookstore and reading together are some of Ebert’s suggestions for the evening.

Leo: Luxury is the name of the game when it comes to the extravagant Leo. "Get dressed up and go to the theater do something totally unexpected where you look good and you’re in the glam and the extravagance of things. So maybe you go downtown to the theater or you take them to the opera," said Ebert.

Scorpio: Your night will sizzle with this sexy sign. Ebert says Scorpio’s are 50 Shades of Gray and "you buy a sexy black dress that you’ve never worn before and you go into the hidden and the mysterious."

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More information about sextrology can be found on her website.

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