By the Numbers: How much we spend on Valentine's Day and other stats

Valentine's Day By The Numbers

Valentine's Day is coming, and Americans will spend more than $13 billion to demonstrate their love, adoration, and fear of being sent to the doghouse.  

Here are some other Valentine's Day stats by the Numbers:

  • 180 million Valentine's Day cards are exchanged annually
  • 189 million roses are sold in the U.S. on Valentine's Day alone
  • 53 percent of women would end their relationship if they didn't get a gift on Valentine's Day
  • $116 is the amount of money the average romantic spends on valentine's day
  • About 3 percent of people give valentine's gifts to their pets.
  • 64 percent of American men don't make plans in advance for a Valentine's Day with their sweetheart.

Looking for the perfect gift.  Roseann Higgins is a professional matchmaker and the founder/CEO of SPIES.  She's matched up couples for years and knows what works and what doesn't.

"The perfect present on Valentine's Day would be the present you would give any day ... and the perfect present comes from the heart," said Higgins.
That's Valentine's Day by the numbers.

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