By the Numbers: Who has won most often and other Golden Globe facts

The first big awards show of the season is this Sunday.  Here’s a look at the Golden Globes by the numbers. 

Approximately, 5,500 people celebrate at the ceremony, and many of those people walk on 30,000 square feet of red carpet. But they aren't just walking; they are drinking. There are more than 9,000 glasses of champagne served on the red carpet and inside the ballroom. This is impressive as 75 percent of celebs have been through rehab.  

In 1975 "Nashville" got the most nominations for a movie in a single year with nine. But how did they win? The answer is 1. "Doctor Zhivago", "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and "A Star is Born" each were nominated for five awards and each won all five.

More fun Golden Globe numbers:

-- The total number of awards handed out each year: 25

-- The number of pounds the award weighs: 5.5 pounds

-- Total pounds of trophies: 137 pounds

-- Youngest winner: Ricky Schroeder was 9 when he won Best New Star for “The Champ.”

--  Oldest winner: Jessica Tandy was 80 when she won Best Actress for “Driving Miss Daisy”

Who has won the most nominations? That would be Meryl Streep with 27.  With eight Golden Globes on display in her home, she’s also won the most.



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