By the Numbers: Real versus fake Christmas trees

An average 6 and a half foot tall Christmas tree has well over 46,000 pine needles, but that's not all there is to count. Let's take a look at Christmas Trees by the Numbers.

The tree is the centerpiece of any holiday home, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Over 44 million trees deck the halls in homes across America -- and 33 million of those are real.

Real trees cost Americans over $1.7 billion. For next year, 350 million Christmas trees are currently growing on tree farms across North America, and 100,000 people are employed by the Christmas tree industry. 

But beware lumberjacks...16 percent of people cut down their own Christmas tree -- and many of them pick a tree that's top-heavy.   

Approximately, 9.5 million of our Christmas trees are plastic. The first artificial tree was crafted in Germany in the 1800's and 200 years later, Americans spend $670 million a year on them.

Of these fake trees, 85 percent are imported from China.




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