By the Numbers: 9 facts about tattoos in the US

One of the talkers surrounding Sunday's game is San Francisco's quarterback Colin Kaepernick and his tattoos. The good versus evil mosaic on his back took more than 16 hours to complete.

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Here are some more tats by the numbers:

-- Americans' annual spending on tattoos:  $1.65 billion at the 21,000 tattoo parlors in the U.S.   

-- Average cost of a small tattoo is just $45. But if you are going larger, it's a hefty $150 an hour. 

-- 45 million Americans (which is 14 percent of the population) have at least one tattoo.  That percent increases to 30 percent of those ages 18 to 25 and 40 percent if you're looking at those aged 26 to 40.      

-- 32 percent of people with tattoos claim they are addicted to ink. 

-- If you got a tattoo when you were young, rebellious and drunk and now regret it, you are not alone. Approximately 17 percent of people with ink have some regret.

-- 11 percent of people with a tattoo are getting or have had one removed.

-- 5 percent have covered up a tat with another tat, which doesn't exactly get rid of it.    

-- 29 percent of people with tattoos say their tattoo makes them feel rebellious.               

-- 31 percent of people with a tattoo that say it makes them feel more sexy.



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