By the Numbers: Worse state to live in if single and other dating stats



Did you know 63 percent of married couples met their match through a friend?  With that in mind, let’s look at dating by the numbers.

-- 44 percent of adults in America are unmarried. If you're single and looking, avoid Idaho. It's the state with the lowest ratio of singletons with just 40 percent.

-- There are 100 single women to every 86 single men in the U.S. 

-- Only 25 percent of singles think touching is effective as a flirting technique.

-- After a first date, there's only a 12 percent chance a guy will ever call if he hasn't called within 24 hours. 

-- There's a 17 percent chance that you will like your blind date.

-- Flattery will get you everywhere. Approximately 50 percent of singles said it's the best way to attract someone.              

-- 52 percent of singles say they're too busy to meet other singles.

-- 76 percent of women date men at least 5 years older than them, proving that women are more mature than men.

-- 80 percent of men date women at least 5 years younger than them, proving that men are dogs.

-- 53 percent of singles find a great smile irresistible.




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