Oscars List: Behind the scenes with a celebrity escort and a stylist to the stars

Behind The Scenes At The Oscars!

In just a few days, the eyes of the world will fall on Hollywood as 84th Annual Academy Awards gets underway.  The List’s Teresa Strasser went behind the scenes, and talked to the regular people who make the celebrities look good.

Chris Gaida literally wrote the book on being a celebrity escort; he’s the author of “Arm Candy: A Celebrity Escorts Tales From The Red Carpet”.  Before you let your mind run away with you he describes the job responsibilities ‘you bring celebrities down the red carpet events and it’s one of the best kept secrets in Hollywood.’  Gaida has walked some of Tinsel Town’s elite, his list includes Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, and Betty White, just to name a few.  His job is to keep them calm and get them from location to location with ease.  It may sound easy, but when you’re dealing with one of the most sought after people in the world, it can be difficult to keep the train moving.  Gaida has a few tricks up his sleeve, he says ‘I just yank their arm or give them a stare down’ depending on how urgently they are needed.  Dealing with celebrities doesn’t come without its hazards.  Gaida says plenty of stars are very nice and down to earth but he does have a list of divas in his book.  Among them, Chaka Khan, who he says shoved him at a red carpet event. 

When the celebrities are in the spotlight they have to look their best and it doesn’t always come easily.  Lawrence Zarian has done his fair share of star styling and he says ‘it takes a village’.  There are people to do hair, makeup, clothing; pretty much every aspect of their appearance is handled.  With that much attention to detail it may seem easy to prevent two fashionistas from wearing the same gown.  When asked about the ultimate fashion faux pas Zarian says you can’t prevent it; ‘it’s a crap shoot, stylists don’t talk with other stylists’ he said.  When it does happen, Zarian says that falls on the designers because they shouldn’t be sending out two of the same gown.  This year when you are watching red carpet coverage check out Angelina Jolie, Zarian’s pick for best dressed.  He says ‘she always does it right, always a solid color, always a great drop ear, it draws all the attention up’.  Zarian says Sandra Bullock is another star to keep your eye on for solid fashion advice.  You can watch Zarian working as a correspondent for ABC's "On The Red Carpet" coverage on Sunday and make sure to follow him on twitter @LawrenceZarian.

Click here to see an extended version of Teresa's interview with Chris Gaida.


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