What's Trending: Inappropriate Christmas toys that will have you shaking your head

Posted: 12/13/2013

We've compiled a list of, well, questionable Christmas toys:

1) Video Girl Barbie is probably more suited for older kids....

Like 30-year-old Hollywood socialites with a YouTube channel and a manager boyfriend with a gold chain.

2) Then there was, "Barbie and her dog tanner".

3) And Christmas morning, maybe it's not the right setting for your future dentist to do their internship. In this case of Play Doh's Dr Drill "N Fill . The DDS stands for "Don't deliver, Santa!"

4) We all want our kids to get toys that spur creativity and inspire big dreams. Toy that maybe even help train them for their first job. Uh, maybe it's not Cranium, but the McDonalds cash register set teaches them math and responsibility.

5) Remember Milky the Milking Cow? Maybe that's why a whole generation has grown up lactose intolerant.

6) But if you thought "Milky" was bad, "Methy" is worse.,,,

It's the "Citizen Brick" Breaking Bad inspired playset. Stick with a chemistry set!

And that rounds out our list of questionable toys. They're what's trending

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