Remembering Pearl Harbor by touring a WWII era submarine

A field near Muskogee, Oklahoma isn't where you'd expect to find a decorated World War II submarine, but that's exactly where the USS Batfish sits.  Commissioned in 1943, near the height of WWII, this sub racked up an impressive record considering its late arrival to the fight.

The "battle flag" tells the story as it displays a sub's kills.  The Batfish has 13: three were Japanese subs sunk over at 76-hour period.

"Naval personnel that I talk to over at the Naval Historical Command will tell you that that's probably never going to be broken," said USS Batfish Park Manager, Rick Dennis.

Sailing the Luzon Strait with three other subs, the Batfish detected a Japanese sonar signal, zeroed in on it, and fired.  

"The kind of amazing thing is that all three submarines were sunk in the same fashion," said Dennis.  "It was almost routine for them after the third one."

Another interesting story is from an entry in the ship's log on August 6, 1945. It mentions a strange glow on the horizon.

"The next morning they woke up and got reports that the bomb on Hiroshima had just been dropped," said Dennis.

Tour the boat yourself and get a firsthand glimpse of Naval History.  Information on the Batfish is on their website -

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