Just when you thought $7 for a cup of Starbucks was expensive...

Just like you hear wine connoisseur talking about the complex, rich flavors of a pinot noir, a coffee drinker does the same.

Just in time for the holidays, Double Shot Coffee Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is out with a rare blend of coffee from Panama called Perci Red.

You can't buy this coffee by the cup. If you could, it would cost about $8 per cup. Owner Brian Franklin is selling the Perci Red 200 grams at a time  (that's a container with a little less than half a pound of coffee), and a coffee mug in a holiday box.

Franklin says he traveled to Panama and became friends with the farmers, which allowed him to get the extraordinary coffee into his shop to sell.

Customers were ecstatic.

"I just sat here for about five minutes, just smelling it before I tried it," said Andrew Johnson.

"This is by far the most unique coffee I've ever had," said Phil Dunbar.

If you can afford it, it's worth a try. Or, at least a great gift for that coffee lover who has everything.


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