Jumping on the fitness 'band' wagon in Tulsa with the CrossCycle

TULSA - In 2012, Men's Health magazine ranked Tulsa 11th on its fattest cities list. 

Sky Fitness in midtown is dedicated to change that. To do that they are offering a great deal for those who are dedicated to going to the gym in 2013.

Members who visit the gym five times or more per month will receive a 20 percent discount off the next month's dues. Also, Sky has eliminated its fees for childcare. Parents now receive two free hours of childcare per day for children who can walk on their own. 

The gym also features some innovative new fitness classes including CrossCycle with bands. This is like a regular spin class but there are bands that hang from the ceiling for a more full body workout.

The class uses a Thera-Band resistive training system that is suspended by an overhead grid. This means you'll not only get a great cardio workout,but will work your biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, back and abs.  If you thought your traditional spinning class was getting boring, this workout will bring your cardio to new levels.   


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