Going electric to save money at the pump

Fill it up with 110 please

TULSA, OK - Pumping fuel into an automobile can be painful especially when you have to swipe your credit card twice because your total is over a $100.

PHOTOS: Turning traditional cars into electric cars

Dave Yonce has found a way to get around town without going to the gas station. He converted his gas powered cars to electric powered.

In 2012, Dave drove over 20,000 miles on about $20 worth of electricity and he did a good portion of those miles in homemade electric cars.

Anything with a gas engine can be converted to electric and Yonce has converted all kinds of things from a weedeater to a Volkswagon bus.  

Everyone wants to know how far you can go in an EV, but it really is all about how hard you drive it.  A gas car burns more fuel the faster you go, and an electric car is the same.  It is common to get 80 to 150 miles out of a converted automobile.

Speeds are equal to those gas powered cars and sometimes even faster.  Yonce converted a Cobra kit car that is actually faster on electric than on gas.

The big auto makers are slowly getting on board with EV, but factory-made means big bucks.  However, the average shade tree mechanic can convert a car for under $10,000.

Below is one YouTube video on how to do it, but here are many others.  

For more information on converting your car to electric, check out this website.

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