A Tulsa family puts its 'roots' in root beer


Weber's has been brewing root beer in a stand-style restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for nearly 80 years.

"We actually mix the root beer from start to finish right here in the store," said Owner Rick Bilby. "Most customers say it's the best root beer they've ever had."

Bilby uses 14 natural ingredients from a secret family recipe than only he, his wife, brother and father knows.

The Bilby's mix the root beer by hand in the original 10-gallon barrel. "Basically, you're getting a taste of 1933 every time you taste a Weber's Root Beer."

Bilby will not divulge all the ingredients, but tells us one secret to success is the 150 pounds of sugar that goes into each barrel. That, along with a frozen mug.

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