Versailles to become one of the largest homes in U.S.

Florida couple builds 90,000 sq.ft. home

WINDERMERE, Fla. - David and Jackie Siegel are used to the extravagant.  The couple and their eight children currently live in a 26,000 sq. ft. home just outside of Orlando, but the couple is going for an even bigger home.

PHOTOS: Look inside the $100 million home

They are building a “palace” just down the road from their current home.  The name for the home is Versailles.

“We like French style architecture and French style furniture that’s why we made it Versailles,” said David Siegel.

David Siegel is the C.E.O. of Westgate Resorts.   He’s made a fortune off of timeshares and he said now is the time to enjoy his money.

“I can either have the money in the bank and look at a statement every month or I could be enjoying it,” said David Siegel.

Jackie Siegel said her family never planned on building such a large home, but they had to keep expanding the blue prints.

“We just started having more of a growing family and we started building a dream home for the family,” said Jackie Siegel.

Versailles by the numbers:

- 20 bedrooms

- 10 kitchens

- 30 bathrooms

- 2 bowling alleys

- 6 pools

- 90,000 sq ft

The estimated value of Versailles when finished will be about $100 million. 

The Siegel’s are excited about the new home, but they said the key to happiness starts with family.

“I think friends and family are a huge key to happiness, because a huge home like that can be very lonely without the life inside the house I wouldn’t want to be there,” said Jackie Siegel.



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