Pickle Christmas ornaments and products are hot sellers this holiday season

TAMPA, Fl. - Something strange is happening at Robert’s Christmas Wonderland in Clearwater. They’re having a tough time keeping pickle-shaped products in stock. So what’s the ‘dill?’

“Pickles are just flying off the shelves,” said owner Bob Frank.

Bob says people are scooping up the pickle-shaped tree ornaments. They come in all varieties. You can find the Dill, the Gherkin,  a pickle in a Santa hat, and even pickle-flavored candy canes.

“My guess is that they’re giving them to someone special. Aren’t you saying something when you give a pickled candy can?” said Frank.

What you may be saying with that gift, we’re not really sure.  Although pickle sales are brisk this season, the truth is, they’ve long had a place in Christmas tradition.

“The tradition of the pickle goes way back to Germany where the family would hide a pickle ornament in the tree and whichever child found the pickle first they got an extra present,” said Frank.

The child or whomever finds the pickle on the tree Christmas morning is actually expected to have good fortune all year. That symbol of good luck has made the Christmas pickle a popular gift item. The Christmas pickle has spawned new traditions. Berrien Springs, Michigan holds an annual Christmas Pickle Festival each year.

Still, there are conflicting stories as to exactly where this tradition originated. Although it’s said to have started in Germany, there are many Germans who have never heard of it. Could it be that a nice story has been embellished over the years in order to sell more pickle ornaments?


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