Paint, wine and friends bring out the inner artist

TAMPA. Fl. - If you’re feeling a bit frazzled by the holidays, how about taking time for a little fun, perhaps even some therapy? How about therapy that comes at the tip of a paintbrush? A company called “Painting With A Twist” allows you to unleash your inner artist alongside friends, and even sip a glass of wine while you find your muse. That’s the ‘twist’ part. 

In each two to three hour session, an actual artist teaches those who come in to sip and paint  how to re-create a painting they can actually feel pretty good about.  Becky Bump is an instructor for the classes in Tampa.

“I’m always blown away by the fact that these are people who’ve never done this before, never been to art school, never had formal training. They all end up leaving with something that’s pretty impressive, considering they’ve never done it before,” said Bump.

The paintings the class re-create may be dreamy landscapes, colorful seasonal themes, or whimsical abstracts. The priority of going to Painting with a Twist is not to create a masterpiece, but to have a good time.

“This is really more of a party than an art class,’ said Bump. “ “We even have a little bell we use as a stress reliever. Any time I sense frustration or tension on people’s faces, or hear mumbling, or see tears, I ring the bell. And they have to take a sip of their drink, or take a deep breathe. It’s just to serve as a reminder that this is not serious business.”

And does that wine make for better paintings?

“I think so,” Bump said with a laugh. It loosens up the inhibitions.”

The keys to a successful painting are much like the keys to a successful life.

“To not be afraid to fail,’ said Bump. “To recognize that just like we have our own handwriting, we have our own style of painting. And to just be kind to yourself and forgive yourself if its not the most perfect things you’ve ever seen, but to understand that this is a blank canvas, and that it will be whatever you decide it will be.”

The classes cost $25 to $35 dollars. The artist, paints, brushes, and canvas are provided. Attendees can bring their own wine, soft drinks or snacks. For more details, you can log on to

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