Kids Market inspires young entrepreneurs

Posted: 02/27/2013

TAMPA, Fl. - At Hyde Park’s Fresh Market every first Sunday of the month, you’ll find all the pleasures an outdoor market brings – pretty produce, fine crafts, dogs on parade, and a festive atmosphere. But now you’ll find something else, too.  Children now have their own market. It's a place where they can sell their wares, from crafts to snow cones.

These young entrepreneurs are impressive.  Brother and sister duo, 9-year-old Jordan and 6-year-old Liberty Nickel are selling fresh-squeezed apple juice for a dollar. Some of their profits are going to charity. And they are hard to resist.

”Its fresh, no artificial flavors, you just squeeze it, its done!” said Jordan.

“Its pretty fun to do this, because I like to see people happy. And people are happy when they have their apple juice because they like it a lot,” said Liberty.

Lauren Haggerty is selling her own crafts. They are Pet Sticks which are little sticks with eyes glued on and ribbons.  They come with adoption papers, and a couple of extra freebie crafts Lauren has thrown in. She wants the Pet Sticks to go to a good home, and she promises they take less maintenance and care than a regular pet.

Tyler Davis, 10, is running into a classic supply-demand problem. He has snow cones to sell, with groovy flavors, like purple smash and juicy red punch. But he’s selling on an unseasonably cold day, and he’s having to sell a little harder.

 “I haven’t had a lot of customers. Only one so far,” said Davis.

 But like any good salesman, David is not giving up. 

The Kids’ Market is sponsored by Fit Kids Playground. You can find out more at

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