Tampa Bay town full of bagpipe heritage

DUNEDIN, Fla. - The Tampa Bay town of Dunedin has a rich heritage of bagpipes.  Two men from Scotland settled the town and the bag pipes are taught in school as young as age twelve.  There’s a youth bagpipe group and an adult bagpipe group.

“They (bagpipes) have a stereotype for parties, wakes, and St. Patrick’s Day, but it is becoming more of a mainstream instrument,” said piping Director Iain Donaldson.

Donaldson said there’s a certain etiquette that comes with playing the bagpipes.  First, they don’t call them bagpipes; rather they are simply called pipes.

“We call them pipes, we are not bagpipers, we say were pipers,” said Donaldson.

It’s important to wear the right clothing.  Pipers were kilts while playing.  The teen players we talked to didn’t seem to mind the kilts.

“They are perfectly fine, said Brandon Martinelli.  "You just have to get around people calling it a skirt, because it’s not.”

The Dunedin bands are known for playing concert around town.

Also, on our list is a weekend event on Treasure Island.  The Masters Cup and Sculpting competition put artists to the test over the weekend.

Artists used sand to make massive sculptures.  Huge crowds came to see the art, but you better hurry if you weren’t able to make it out.  The sand sculptures will blow away as soon as nature takes its course.

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